Puerto Rico Address:

Bori Street

La Electronica Building

Suite # 312

San Juan, PR 00926


USA Address:

5036 Dr. Phillips Blvd.

Suite # 198

Orlando, Fl 32819


Chile Address:

General Salvo #203, Providencia


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Para Español (USA-Canada)

888-883-8553 Ex. 3


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Email: info@HeavyEquipmentInventory.com



Kiki Brignoni
888-883-8553 Ex. 7
Email: Kiki@HeavyEquipmentInventory.com


General Manager:
Paco Brignoni
888-883-8553 Ex. 6
Email: Paco@HeavyEquipmentInventory.com


Logistics Manager:
Christine Fister
888-883-8553 Ex. 9
Email: Christine@HeavyEquipmentInventory.com



Marketing Manager:
Glorimar Collado
888-883-8553 Ex. 2
Email: Glori@HeavyEquipmentInventory.com



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